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If you’re a woman who cares about staying fit and healthy, svvet is the workout brand for you.

Whether you prefer walking, boxing, yoga or an old fashioned gym session, we believe your clothes should support and enhance your experience, not distract you.

Say goodbye to hiking up tights, pulling down hems and removing seams from uncomfortable places. svvet activewear is made for real workouts.

What makes svvet special

One stand-out feature of our workout collection is the way our pants have been designed. Along with having a high waist that supports and flatters your shape, these bottoms are also lacking an uncomfortable middle seam.

For some reason, these seams are popular among activewear designers, despite the fact that they are incredibly unflattering and typically cause irritation. The women here at svvet never understood this impractical decision, which is why we found an alternative design when creating our own range.

With svvet exercise pants, the stitching is directed away from the centre to give you comfort regardless of how you position your body. The material is thicker and stretchier than other brands, which means it moulds to your body and allows you to move with fewer restrictions.

We apply this same principle to our entire range, ensuring that our tops and pants offer support in all the right places, while still providing comfort.

If you want quality workout clothes that are reliable, practical and flattering, svvet is the brand for you.


This innovative exercise range was created by the team at svvet to provide women with a practical yet flattering choice of workout gear. These days, combining activewear with leisurewear is the popular trend among other fitness brands and the resulting clothes are more suited to grabbing a latte than working up a sweat.

We wanted to design a unique line that would flatter wearers but was still good for more than striking a pose on social media. Our mission was to bring exercise clothes back to their original purpose – to facilitate actual exercise.

Designed for REAL workouts

After trying numerous items from top activewear brands, we found that current exercise clothes just weren’t performing when we hit the gym. So instead of being distracted by wardrobe malfunctions and uncomfortable designs, we decided to create exercise clothes that would allow us to focus on our workouts.

The svvet line prioritises comfort and performance when creating each of its tops and tights, allowing women to feel supported and confident whenever they slip into their exercise gear.

With svvet, you’ll no longer have to worry about pausing your workout to adjust your clothes.