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If you’re a woman who cares about staying fit and healthy, svvet is the activewear brand for you.

Whether you prefer walking, cycling, boxing, yoga, or a session at the gym, we believe your clothes should support and enhance your experience, not distract you.

Say goodbye to leggings that slip down, tops that ride up, and constant adjusting; svvet activewear is made for real workouts.

The svvet line prioritises comfort and performance, allowing women to feel supported and confident whenever they slip into their exercise gear.


Exercise clothing should be comfortable, and perform when you’re performing.

Whatever you like to call them: bottoms, pants, tights, tight pants, leggings – are there to cover your legs and bottom. Why then do we sometimes feel restricted when we wear them?

Our leggings are designed so that there is no middle seam, which will give you more freedom of movement without the uncomfortable friction between the legs. We’ve also added an extra layer on the inside so that your assets are well hidden and held in. You don’t even have to wear anything underneath, which is perfect for water sports.

The waistline is high which supports and flatters your shape, and the material is thicker and stretchier, which means it moulds to your body and allows you to move with fewer restrictions.

We apply this same principle to our entire range, ensuring that our tops and bottoms offer support and coverage in all the right places. If you want quality workout clothes that are reliable, practical, and flattering, svvet is the brand for you. 


There's much more to the humble black leggings than meets the eye. See below for all the features packed into a pair of svvet.

svvet leggings details

1 - No middle seam at the front - flattens the groin area instead of accentuating it.

2 - High-waisted - more coverage for the mid section, to create a more feminine shape.

3 - Double-layered waistband - supports the core and flattens the abdomen.

4 - Thick elastic at the top - keeps leggings from falling down during high intensity exercise.

5 - Double-layered pant - ensures private areas stay private.

6 - No middle seam at the back - keeps leggings from riding up uncomfortably during exercise.

7 - Thicker & stretchier material - creates additional support with a more flattering and comfortable fit.

8 - Silicon band inside of leg openings - keeps leggings in place.

9 - Mesh panels behind the knees - helps keep you cool.

10 - Flatlock stitching - ensures nothing rubs or irritates during extended exercise.