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Real Woman: Rachael

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This is a place where you will meet women who regularly exercise to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. We want to showcase what real women look like without any tricky lighting or photo retouching. There are no rules, no boundaries, no standards, and nothing to hide. Be inspired, as ‘healthy’ and ‘fit’ are not cast from a mould.

svvet real woman standing and leaning on a weightlifting bar


Personal Trainer.

Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I'm happily married, have 2 beautiful kids (Isabella 2 and Noah 11 weeks). We live in Brisbane. I've been in the fitness industry for 12 years and I love what I do! My husband and I have a home-based personal training/group fitness studio. I look after the "behind the scenes" stuff for the business.

Favourite thing to do on the weekend?

Spend time with family.

How many times a week do you work out?

4-5 times, which consists of 2 x weight sessions and 2-3 cardio sessions.

We know finding the time and energy to work out regularly can be tough. What keeps you motivated?

Having an exciting goal to work towards gives me lots of motivation! Plus, I want to be a great example to my kids. Isabella regularly jumps into my workouts with me, doing push-ups, squats, etc.

What do you love most about your svvet workout wear?

I'm not usually a wearer of tights, but I really like my svvet tights! They don't cut into my skin around the waist, and they give lots of support in all the right places.

What's your favourite way to treat yourself after your workout?

Yummy protein shake and then ensuring I enjoy some carbs in my meals to help my muscles recover.


Rachael is the co-owner of MP Studio - personal training and body transformation (

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