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Real Woman: Kylie

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This is a place where you will meet women who regularly exercise to maintain a fit and healthy lifestyle. We want to showcase what real women look like without any tricky lighting or photo retouching. There are no rules, no boundaries, no standards, and nothing to hide. Be inspired, as ‘healthy’ and ‘fit’ are not cast from a mould.

svvet real woman at a gym standing with hands on hips next to weightlifting equipment


Registered Nurse.

In my childhood years the thought of exercise never excited me. It was after my 21st birthday party that I had the self realisation that my lifestyle was far from healthy and that I really needed to start something. From this point I have literally worked my backside off. I absolutely love the gym. As a shift worker it is often hard to get to a session everyday but I aim for at least 4-5 times a week. My training had consisted of crossfit and as of late a strength training program with twice-a-week group sessions. Not only do I enjoy the physical benefits of exercise but most of all I love the mental wellbeing that I get out of absolutely smashing my body on a daily basis.

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